Holy Family School Principals
from its inauguration to its closing

In 1960, the principal was Mr. Zabe.  He was replaced later that fall by Mr. Don MacLellan.  The next year (September 61), the high schools were joined and given rooms at Vinette.  There was no official principal, but the elementary stayed in the original old small building and the fellow in charge there was Frank MacNeil.

Don MacLellan 1960 - 1961
Nadine Haslam 1962 - 1968
Basil Hurley 1968 - 1976
Arthur (J.A.)Tucker 1976 - 1977
Henri Lortie 1977 - 1984
Guy Chicoine 1984 - 1987
Ronald Blackburn 1987 - 1990
Jerry G. Babin 1990 - 1994

Holy Family School Teachers

Donna Aird
Fayek Alaily
Mary Alaily
Nicole Allard
Miss Alldred

Marie Amirault

Hilda Babin
Jerry Babin
Georges Beaudry
N. Beaulieu
Marielle Bernier
Dane Berry

Alice Bettiol
Margaret Bettiol
Brenda Bidgood
R. Bond
W. Brown
V. Budd

Miss Cameron
Marc Carrière
F. Chandler
Lawrence Chiasson
Martha Cloutier
Miss Crease

Joan Dawn
B. Devlin
G. Diamola

Maureen Doucet

A. Edwards
Debbie Eggleton

Bob Fairservice
Carolynne Fardy

Helen Filion
Miss Fraser
Vladimir Freudenreich

L. Genois
Steve Gilbert
Mrs. Giles
Diane Giunta

Kay Goss

Venita Hanratty
Mrs F. Heddle
Rita Henry
P. Holmes
R. Houle

Johanne Hurley
Michael Hutton

Andrea Jackman

Vera Kennedy
J. Kilbride
H. Kumar

Réjeanne Labelle
H.S. Lee
Miss Legacé
S. Létourneau
Pierrette Levasseur
Gisèle (Clément) Lowe

Lorna MacGillivray
Joan MacMillan
Francis MacNeil
F. Maghraby
E. Magner
Céline Massé
Alfred Mathias
Iris McDavid
Bill McGuffin
June McGuffin
Monique McInnes
Robert McInnes

Eldyne Miller
Mary Miller
Mr. Mitran
J. Muria

J.G. Okolowsky

J. Paradis
Carmen Pellerin
Luc Perron
Nicole Peterson

Janet Quillan

R. Rahill
Robert Rennie
Carmen Rhéaume
Mr. Riggie
R. Robert
Tom Roy

Lucien Sadan
An Saulnier
Mrs. Scamel

Francis Sepanski
Leona Stanger

M. Tullio

Arlette Usclat

Rita Whalen
Blake Wheaton
M. Whissell

Henriette Wong

Other Holy Family School Staff

Substitute Teachers
J. Charlebois
Mrs. Clark
Mrs. Demers
Mrs. Girard
Mrs. Tremblay
Grace Vallée
R. Whalen

Father Paul B. Boulay
Father Jean-Claude Gilbert
Father Lacaille
Father Claude Lancop
Father Clermont Plante

Ann Bubar
Celine Beaudry
Joanne Bouchard

Jeannine Bourgeois
Mrs. B. Chiasson
Georgette Grand'Maison

Dwyla Thompson

Lunch Supervisors
Mrs. Dryden
Mrs. Flamain

Mrs. Willis

Denis Néron

Other Staff (position unknown)
Mrs B. Chiasson

This list of the staff at Holy Family High is by no means 100% accurate.  There are names missing, some first names were not available and some people may be incorrectly identified.  So if you see any corrections that need to be made, then send us an email at Holy Family School.