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1970                        2001

    Some of you may recall that the original HFS was across the street in what today is the school board office. That's where I began teaching in Chibougamau. I'm probably the staff member who was there the longest...I recall that they actually changed the furniture at least three times during my tenure (and principals too!). I began in Sept.'60 and was there 'til June '67; I resumed my position in Sept.'69 and resigned in '76. It was a wonderfully rewarding period in my life.I'm retired now and presently residing in Val d'Or.

    Such a flood of memories...winter carnival activities and parades, flight to Stratford, Ontario, first walk-a-thon to Chapais, graduations, school dances, terrible bus accident, trips to Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Felicien, school uniforms, Petunia (skunk mascot), beach party at Lake Cumings, green from hair to toes, great staff parties...and the list goes on!

    Congrats to Fern, Nathalie, and Harry for undertaking this monumental organizational task---Mary, Lynne, Ginette, Carol, Suzanne, Georgette and I (organizors of the '82 reunion) can and do assure you that it really is worth all the time and effort!
God-willing, I'll certainly be at the reunion and look forward to seeing everyone there. It promises to be a real "family" gathering!