Ann Bubar Babin -

Ann, Secretary at Holy Family School 1967-68 and 1970-71

Being one of the original Holy Family School students……I started grade 2 in…..September 1955 (yikes)……when it wasn’t yet Holy Family, I am happy to share some oldie but goody pictures and memories. (see photo album)

Some might remember me as the school secretary with Miss Haslam in 1967-68 and with Basil Hurley in 1970-71.

I am still in good old Chibougamau working as an employment counselor (private sector business) for the provincial government and will hopefully stop working in September 2002 (by choice). This will enable me to spend more time exploring for wild mushroom spots with Jerry and our dog Chanterelle and  snowshoeing in the winter months.

It should also permit me to see more of our daughter Danielle, who teaches forestry at the Cégep de Ste-Foy (Québec)  her partner Eric and Madeleine (2 year’s old in July 2001) our granddaughter.

May 2001


Ann and her granddaughter, Madeleine (July 2000 - 1 year old)

Ann's daughter, Danielle