Information leading to the whereabouts of former students of Holy Family School.

The satisfaction of letting everyone know where they are.

    One of the most frustrating parts of putting together a school reunion is not being able to find people who attended the school over the past years.  This is where your help becomes indispensable.  If you have any information about classmates or those who attended or taught at Holy Family School, please let us know.  In particular. we are looking for the whereabouts of the following people:

Nicole Allard
Helen Arpin

Suzanne Beaudoin
Claudia Bérubé
Jim Bowering
Richard Brassard

Cameron Chapman
Mrs B. Chiasson - Secretary
Dianne Chiasson
Marc Chiasson
Pauline Chiasson
Cathy Chiasson
Jean-Francois Cormier

Lynn Daniels
Joan Dawn - Teacher
Debbie Doucet
Mike Doucet
Kina Duquette
Vicky Duquette

Bob Fairservice - Teacher
Ann Marie Fleming

Beverly Gallagher
Mrs. Gattie
Christine Giroux

Pierre Harvey
Greg Henley
George Hodoruski

Denis Kukuraitis
Maurice Kukuraitis

Rosanna Kukuraitis

Louise Lacombe
Suzanne Lacombe
Liane Landers
Daniel LeBlanc
Bert Lefebvre
Robert Lemire

Robert Maheu
Lynn Marcoux
Daniel Marier
Andre Martel
Mr. Muria

Nicole Paris
Darleen Pelletier
Suzie Pevic
Johanne Picard
Lucy (Lucille) Picard
Carole Poirier
Danny Pouliot

Robert Rennie - Teacher

Anita Schultz
Lisa Screbot
Georges Sévigny
Michel Simard
Peter Simard

Eric Taylor
Roberto Trottier
Arthur Tucker - Principal
Bobby Tynan

Grace Vallée

Sylvia Weitzdoerfer
Blake Wheaton - Teacher