Holy Family School
from Andre Michaud

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My God, what were they thinking

Sylvie-Joelle.jpg (22592 bytes) Andre Michaud 82.jpg (20401 bytes)

Double Dutch Bus Sylvie-Andre.jpg (28953 bytes)
The Picture says it all - Sooooooo Tackyyyyy

Graduation - 1982.jpg (24860 bytes)
Graduating Class of 1982.. Donít we look Happy?

Grad- ceremony 82.jpg (18447 bytes)
little dance routine by Annie Bedard

Grad 82 - causal.jpg (25897 bytes)
Class of 82 in the Ste-Croix Mansion (talk about good hair) 

Halloween 84 Quebec.jpg (18330 bytes)
Quebec City Halloween 84 - Moi, Manon, Jean-Marc, Sylvie and friend - Scaryyyyyyyy