France Bouchard -

I went to Holy Family for about 5 years. My last year there was the school year of 77-78, but I didn't graduate at Holy Family. Mr. Lortie was the principal when I left. The teachers I remember when I was there are Mme Allard and Mr. McInnis.  And who can forget the Spicers. They had to be there the first year I was there.

I've been married for 16 years now. My husband and I have two lovely daughters, Clémence (5 years old ) and Marie (3 years old.).Both of them were adopted in China. I live in Québec city since March of this year. Before that, I lived in Jonquière for 18 years. Because I was a real walking nightmare to most of my teachers God has chosen me to teach English as a second language (pay back time) in elementary schools.

France Bouchard

 Here are some pictures of school trips in Montréal and Ottawa.

1 - Myself, France Bouchard, Mrs. Lorna MacGillivray, Louise Héroux and Nancy Cayer(???).

2 - Trudy Fraser, Shirley ???, Wanda Bishop, Chantale Cayer, France Bouchard, Elodie Girard and Diane Héroux.

3 - Jean-Marc Michaud and teachers on a school trip.

4 - Johanne Simard, France Bouchard and Kathleen Miller.