First of all I would like to excuse myself for the many French expressions and probably grammar mistakes.  Also… some of the questions might not concern some of you… since we were not all in the same class… but maybe you had heard about it.  These questions concerns, I’d say, the 1982-1983 and 1984 students.  And anyways, this is no contest, it is all just for fun and laughs.  Therefore enjoy and feel free to make up your own trivia questions.  I had tons of other questions (or should I say anecdotes), so if I see that you people seem to enjoy this I can gather up another five hundred or more questions…. hahaha !!!!


1)                 This student had lots of friends because he/she was the only one with a car…. hahaha

2)                Each time this student blew his/her nose, he/she had to ask the closest person to him/her to check out if anything was showing.

3)                These 2 students were called Kunta Kinte and Kitsy…. 2 characters from the popular television series “Roots”.  But don’t ask me why ?

4)                This student had 10 fingers like us all…. but almost 20 rings…. 2 in each.   One of them she called it her little “balayeuse” cause it was full of lint.

5)                When I imagine this student in my mind…. she has her hands in her front pant pockets…. (I might be the only one with this thought though)

6)                These two good looking teachers were both very good friends with each other and with, I guess, most of us.

7)                This athletic student had blue Adidas pants with white stripes on the sides.

8)                This teacher taught us the words of the song “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens and we  also sang the song in class.

9)                Tall and beautiful…. and to the outsiders snobbish…. but for all of us, not snobbish for one minute… crazy as all of us.

10)            This student loved to do her nails and also mine (Nat Quessy) in class.  She had beautiful eyes.

11)              This student is now a grade 2 teacher here in Chibougamau.

12)            This guy’s arms were so long they almost touched the floor when he was sitting down on his chair.

13)            They both invented this popular expression, DEEEEEEEER.  Was so popular that even the French people started using it.

14)            Hate to think that we were the cause of this teacher’s burn out…. and afterward moving out.

15)            This person was known as Nanou.

16)            This student was known for her ability with our hair… and later used it for a living.

17)            This person once brought a picture of him/her naked in class. (Not everyone will know this one)… sorry for you guys…. cause he/she was a good looking guy/gal.

18)            When this teacher wore his blue and white stripe pants it made us all dizzy.  We could really see the stripes moving.

19)            This person had the ability to make his/her eyes cry (on demand of another student) to make Mr McGuffin fill guilty after refusing to let him/her go to the washroom.

20)           She was the rough and tough of the class

21)            At recess this person almost always had candies or a chip.

22)           This teacher would oftenly sit on his/her desk, swing back and forth and throw his/her hair behind her ears.

23)           A couple of times I remember going at his/her place for “PARTY TIME”!

24)           His/her father was the BIG BOSS of the Commission Scolaire.

25)           This student had beautiful cat eyes and lived in Chapais.

26)           They were the only 2 sister+brother in the class.

27)           This teacher has always impress me in the way she taught history… she never opened her book BUT I also remember failing my history exam… maybe I should have opened MY book…hahaha

28)           They were the only 2 cousins in the class.

29)           This teacher (substitute) would always tell us stories of things that had happen to him/her before arriving in Chibougamau…. and we loved it !

30)           I think he was the only male student with an earring.

31)            When this teacher arrived in Chibougamau he/she was very strict…. but we soon made him/her eat into our hands…hahaha

32)           This teacher made us sell for 5000,00 $ of everything that can possibly be sold from students…. to bring us to Toronto !

33)           There is still a “dépanneur” in Chibougamau named after this student.

34)           Because this teacher would take a lot of time to answer us when we had our hands up, we decided to hang down the ceiling some “ficelle” in which we would put our hand through the loop and therefore our wrist would hurt less… Mr. McGuffin did not think this was funny… but we did… haha

35)           This student (female) was known for being a “lunatique” person.


O.K. I’ve got to stop this now…. or else it might never stop.  Hope you enjoyed !!!


Love you all

Nat Quessy