Nathalie Quessy -

Here I m in Kindergarten (1972) and also in Secondary V (grad picture - 1982)

We had a Lipsing band called Pat Benatar in 1981-1982.  Members were Robert Brochu (guitar), Sylvie Larouche (bass), Johanne Picard (drums) and Nat Quessy (singer).  It first started during a Christmas concert in Holy Family.  Here are pictures of members of the band for you to enjoy.

Later during the year Sylvie Larouche was replaced by André Michaud and we performed at the Carnaval-O-Show at the Polyvalente La Porte du Nord and also at a Skate-O-Thon contest (won first place - 100 $).

Summer of 1982 we enter a very long contest at the Bar La Chaumière, Johanne Picard was replaced by Marc Hurtubise (Polyvalente student) because Johanne's parent did not allow Johanne to perform in a bar... well we did not have the age!)  We won first place receiving a big trophy and 250 $ !!!

In October 1981 (16 years old) my friends surprised me with a birthday cake at school again during lunchtime !!! On picture : Annie Bédard, Bertrand Marceau, Joelle Murray-Bergeron, Carole-Anne Bourgeois, Nathalie Dionne, Diane Bouchard, Nancy Bédard and I, Nat Quessy

In the stairs : after lunch we would hurry up to come back to school to be all together again and have fun !  We can see : Carole-Anne Bourgeois, Nancy Bédard, Guy Bouchard, Diane Bouchard, Bertrand Marceau, Nathalie Dionne, Nat Quessy, Keven Pelletier.

The picture with only 3 students : Carole-Anne Bourgois, Nancy Bédard and Annie Bédard