Harry Gauthier - harry.gauthier@rogers.com

        I graduated in 1971 from Holy Family and went to school at Chelmsford Composite High in Chelmsford, Ontario until about January 1972.  I quit and started to work in the mines in Chibougamau.  I realized that this was no life for me and that there was no future there.  My friend Kelly Laplante had joined the military and wrote me from Cornwallis and told me how great the military was.

    I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in January of 1973 and went to Cornwallis in February 1973. My postings have been to:

        Greenwood, N.S. from 1974 to 1978
        Bagotville, Que. from 1978 to 1982
        Borden, Ont. from 1982 to 1986
        Comox, B.C. from 1986 to 1992
        Borden, Ont. from 1992 to 2000

   I retired in April 2000 and joined the 16 Wing Air Reserve Flight in Borden, working as an Information Systems Network Administrator.

   I have two children, Felicia who is 24 and living in Brampton, Ontario and Stephen who is 23 and living in Calgary, Alberta.