Nat’s Speech

   Good evening everyone.  My name is Nat Quessy.  Before I start my little speech I would like to warn everyone here tonight of messages being sent to innocent people like me via internet.  About a year and a half ago, I received an email saying something like :  It’s about time a reunion be planned for Holy Family School, how about it ?  After receiving this message twice, I innocently responded, Ya sure let’s do it !!!  AH AH AH NEVER !!!  You should always think twice before taking a big decision like this one !!!

   This adventure started in February 2001 with Fern Filion and I as the only members of the committee.  We fought for about a week and a half trying to decide who would get what title.  This is how we ended with the president and vice-president titles.

   Then Harry Gauthier offered his time and knowledge to make us a WONDERFUL website.  He made all these people who were uncertain of coming say, “I’ve gotta go !”  If someone here hasn’t seen his website yet, you’re missing out on something.  He made this long awaited journey much more fun and exciting.

   Later on Mary Korczynski joined us.  She had gone through all of this before, being a member of the committee for the 1982 reunion.  So when she talked, we listened or should I say when she wrote, we read carefully.

   And last but not least, my “saviour”, the one who took the heaviest loads off my shoulders.  She joined the committee only last April and I don’t know if she realizes this but she REALLY prevented me from a burn out… If she did not realize it, she must have felt it, cause a few times I heard her say, “I’ll ask Bill for a foot massage tonight”.  This woman did a lot of running around.  Thank-you very much, Mrs June McGuffin.

   I also want to say a few words to thank YOU people.  My internet friends.  I had more then 200 email addresses in my address book.  Without you, and please believe me, IT’S TRUE, this long journey would have been MUCH more painful then it was.  At times when I really got discouraged, there always seemed to be someone out there who knew and therefore sent me a few words of encouragement.  YES the journey was at times painful and YES I often asked myself, “What have I gotten myself into ?”  At one time I even thought of sending you back all your money, inventing something like, been cancelled not enough participants,  and then I told myself, Naaah, I can’t do this.  So I thought why not take all the money and RUN.  But (you were right Mary) seeing you all here tonight really shows me that it was worth answering to Fern Filion’s request a year and a half ago (our Mr. President), “Ya sure let’s do it !!!”

   I would like to thank our numerous sponsors.  I won’t name them all here cause there are too many, but without all of you none of this would have been possible.

   One last thing.  It is very important for me tonight to thank these people here.  Whenever I felt overloaded (and God knows along with other members of the committee, it happened a lot during this year and a half) I called a few of my friends, asking them for different small or big tasks and others to whom I asked their advice.  I’d like to say thanks to :

    And please guys stand up so people can see those who said, “Ya sure I’ll do it”, without even thinking twice.

    Louis Arseneault, Waldi Korczynski, Robert Poirier, Serge Boutin, Annie Lambert, Jeff Willis, Line Boulanger, Bill McGuffin, Line Marcil, Iris McDavid and her daughter Lisa.

    So this is it !

    Have a very nice evening everyone… Embrace this special time, Build new memories and Continue to cherish old friendships.