The following is a copy of an article in LA SENTINELLE of 1982 concerning the last reunion.  One hundred and twenty-five participated.  That was nineteen years ago.  We should be able to double that in 2002.  Let's aim for 250 people......Harry

LA SENTINELLE, mercredi le 21 juillet 1982 Chibougamau-Chapais

Another first for Holy Family!


    Almost 13 months ago, 5 women formerly associated with Holy Family School in Chibougamau, and presently residing in Val d’Or, gathered to form a Reunion Committee. The results of their endeavours were experienced by all who participated on July 2, 3 and 4th here in Chibougamau.


   The original committee was comprised of Lyne Gauthier­-Deschênes (President), Suzanne Foucault (Vice-President), Ginette Foucault-Couture (Secretary), Mary Korczynski-Morin (Treasurer), and Helen Filion (Advisor). These members are quick to point out that Georgette Grandmaison, former secretary, was their right arm here in Chibougamau, and that co­operation of very many was required for this successful event. Lyne Gauthier-Deschênes was unable to attend as she was awaiting the birth of her first child. We’re happy to announce she had a lovely son on Juiy.5th in Val d’Or.


    All former students and staff members, dating from 1960, were invited to attend. One hundred and twenty-five participated.


    The week-end schedule was as follows: Friday evening, July 2, was registration with a wine & cheese party at the school, followed by a get-together at the Curling Club. Saturday afternoon was for late registrations; Saturday evening was a delicious buffet at Mont Chalco, followed by a Disco at the Curling Club until the wee hours. Sunday was an 11:45 Mass at St. Marcel followed by a champagne brunch at Mont Chalco.


    There were 4 guests of honour: Mr. & Mrs. E. Michaud, and Mr. & Mrs. S. Bubar. ‘Diane Fleuriste” generously furnished the lovely corsages for the occasion. “Daddy” Bubar was unable to attend and he was very missed.


    Participants were from far and near. Those who travelled the greatest distances to attend were : Vera Kennedy, former teacher, now residing in Vancouver; Danielle Dalton, former student, now a resident of Edmonton; Marie Kluke, former student, from Arizona; Andrea Jackman, former teacher, now living in Vermont; Basil Hurley, former principal, and Joanne Hurley, former teacher,  presently residing in Sackville, N.B.. Others came from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, North Bay, Rouyn, Val d’Or, Chicoutimi, Quebec City, Chapais and Chibougamau.


    The Chibougamau Catholic School Board generously con­tributed to the starting coffers and Mr. H. Lortie, present principal, permitted the use of Holy Family School.


    The gigantic welcome banner was made by Waldi Korczynski, a former student.


    CFS Chibougamau provided a huge tent, set up by participating volunteers, at Mont Chalco.


    The Saturday p.m. Disco was organized by Terry Bubar, another former student.


    Mr. J.P. Lanctot, mayor, ac­companied by his wife, expressed warm words of welcome and congratulations to all participants during the Saturday evening Disco at the Curling Club.


    Father P.E. Bilodeau had warm words of welcome to all the par­ticipants at the beginning of his Mass.


    The wine & cheese party, delicious buffet, and scrumptious brunch were catered by Mr. Belleau, of Montemurro. His ser­vice cannot be exaggerated, nor ca n h is efficiency, co-operation, and promptness.


    Mr. & Mrs. G. Lalancette of the Chibougamau Curling Club and Mr. & Mrs. G. Vachon of Mont Chalco were well organized hosts of their establishments and provided excellent services.


    The organizers will be com­piling a booklet of all names, ad­dresses, and phone numbers and mailing them to everyone before this summer is over.


    It was, in spite of the cold weather, a warm and happy reunion, and everyone felt that this first reunion was a great success. As a matter of fact, rumour has it that a new committee may be formed shortly to begin organizing another gathering  five years from now!